Art Talk Issue : 01

Art Talk Issue : 01
04/05/2018 adm_basewp

Dear Friends,

This is the first issue of Art Talk, a e-newsletter, designed to promote local art.

Peruse through shop and see what tempts you!The price ranges from Rs 5,000 to around 80,000 and there should be a piece of art that will suit your taste and budget.

If you tell us your budget, may also concoct a listing for you.


I wish to seize the opportunity to inform you that the international World Art Day will be celebrated this year on the April 15,birth date of Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519).

The slogan is offer art to your dear ones and I am sure this could be a great opportunity for you to offer them Mauritian art at its best.

Artist of the Week

Moorthy Nagalingum

Naga AT Crop

Moorthy Nagalingum est un éminent peintre mauricien formé aux beaux-arts à  la prestigieuse école d’Art  Shantiniketan de Calcutta et à Madras, Inde dans les années 60. En 1978 il dirigea L’École d’Art de L’Institut Mahatma Gandhi et créa le Salon de mai qui sera une plateforme pour des artistes connus et débutants talentueux. Après de nombreuses expositions à Maurice et à l’étranger, certains de ses tableaux forment maintenant partis des collections privées

Clin d’Oeil

Antoine Mercier

Erotic scene depicting a European couple, from Northern India, Mewar, Rajasthan (around 1700) Photo: Antoine Mercier. Source Art Newspaper

Art Agenda

KANN Exposition gratuite au Blue Penny Museum, du jeudi 22 mars au samedi 12 mai 2018 Avec Deepa Bauhadoor et Marina Carter

Art Events

Artist’s Workshop : Gilberte Natchoo

Visual artist Gilberte Natchoo shares her experience with her participants to allow them through their creativity and artistic expression to improve themselves and see the bright side of life. Here with famous French actress Emmanuelle Béart.


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  1. Antonio CHAVRY 2 years ago

    Mauritiusarts is a good initiative to discover Mauritian talents in the fields of art , name it , and is shared at International level to the advantage of all , owners , customers , and artists . Long live Mauritiusarts !!

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