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  • Dear Artist,

    Thanks for your interest in Mauritius Arts. It's free and easy to join the platform and benefit from its various advantages.

    Why join Mauritius Arts ?

    ☞ It's free to get your artworks hosted on the website !
    ☞ Free marketing and PR to give maximum visibility to your artworks in Mauritius and around the world.
    ☞ Regular articles in the press on artists hosted on Mauritius Arts.

    This page is here to guide you through the submission process, which consists of three steps :
    1) artwork submission
    2) bio submission
    3) agreement signature

    Once we receive your artworks and bio info, we'll send you the Mauritius Arts Agreement to sign and send back. Your artworks will then be uploaded on the platform, and you'll be notified by email when done.

  • Artwork submission

    Upload your artworks on a file sharing service, and send us the link on [email protected]. Here are some free services you can use :
    Google Drive

    Artworks should be good quality images in png or jpg format. When you upload your artworks using any of the above services, you should also upload a Word/Excel document containing those details :
    ✓ artwork name
    ✓ artwork type
    ✓ artwork price
    ✓ artwork dimension

    Bio Info

    Please fill in the form below with maximum info and details. This will allow us to build convincing text when promoting your work, and give you more visibility.

    Note that info submitted below will be used to market your artworks on, in the press, on radio, on social networks and any other marketing platforms that Mauritius Arts deem fit.

  • Please enter your name
  • Please enter your email address
  • Please enter your mobile phone
  • Please provide info about your current work ? Are you living solely on art ? Is it a part time job ? Or only a passion ?
  • Please provide information about :
    - your work style
    - technique/s used
    - materials you use frequently (if relevant and applicable for which type of artwork).
  • Please share any inspiration that made you want to become an artist. Have you been inspired by any artist/s ? Or any quote or event that pushed you to become one ?
  • Please provide the different expositions and locations where your work was displayed.
  • Please provide information concerning any awards / distinctions you've received.
  • Can you please upload a photo of you at work that can used to promote you ?
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, gif.
  • Can you please upload a profile photo ? Image will be used on the website, and for marketing and PR purposes (press, etc ..)
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, gif.