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Chineegadoo Melissa is a self-taught artist from Port-Louis. She began drawing and painting when she was 12 and started working as an artist part-time and full-time, at times, at the age of 18. Even though she has no formal education or degree in fine art, she is eager to pursue a life as a professional artist. Being a very emotional and sensitive individual, Chineegadoo Melissa seeks to communicate her feelings through her artworks. From as early as she could remember, she developed a strong love and passion for dry medium including charcoal and graphite. Over the years, she developed a keen interest in other techniques such as digital art and now watercolor. Her drawings and paintings styles revolved around achieving photorealism and semi-realism. She was interviewed and some of her artworks were published by L’echo du Samedi and Samedi Plus. In 2019, on the 31 of August, she won the second prize for the Art competition organized by the China Cultural Center. The portfolio of the artist is found below.