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I am a full time visual artist. I have been painting soon after I left secondary school in 2014. My paintings are a reflection of my surroundings. I am currently working on Africa as a subject and theme on its own. Its wildlife, tribes, People, colors surrounding it really inspire me and draw me closer to Africa. However, I am also working on Mauritius landscapes which is also helping me to discover the beauty on my island and which I am trying to bring to my audience beautifully painted on canvas. I find my artistic talent a perfect medium to grab people’s attention with some vibrant landscapes (be it today or long ago scenes). Joyful by nature, I like to paint what will bring joy, love, sweet memories to my audience. I believe that we all struggle in our daily lives and have enough problems to deal with everyday. It will be unfair of me to remind everybody of their sorrow anywhere they go and see my artworks. This is the main reason why I choose not to paint anything related to negative emotions.