Dausoa Parmessur (Vynaud)


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Dausoa Parmessur (Vynaud)

Painter and sculptor; married /spouse and two children,

Living at Dausoa road Dagotiere;

Motivation: Since childhood,   having the habit to visit art exhibitions /galleries etc., got influences in paintings. Participated in various art competitions, Being  successful , later  joined Centre culturel francais de Roche Brunes .Joined M.G.I. Fine arts, Awarded in 1980.Spcialised in Water color techniques  paintings and also medium on sculptures , highly attracted on wood medium and cement modeling , responded successfully on orders .Stones ,marbles, molding/ castings.

Style: Rapid strokes water colors with accidental effects on my works.

Sculptures : Mauritian cultural ideas with rhythmic cuts and shapes.

Evolution Innovation on my styles, with combination with others materials/mixed media technique finish.

Dream: Leaving my thumb prints throughout trainings , so that others may benefit the remaining!