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After completing my Bachelor of Arts (Design), I worked as an in-house graphic designer in the banking
sector for nearly seven years. My main duties were to execute and come up with concepts, making sure
that all collaterals have a consistent look and feel in order to produce coherent campaigns. As at date, I am
working as a graphic designer and illustrator for the design of educational books. Indeed I do work in the
creative industry and I have all the tools to be creative. However, I am always creating what the business
want, instead of fulfilling my own artistic need. 
I believe it is so important for us to do things that make us happy, which is why I started using my paints
and paintbrushes again to create things that I love. Art can have such a tremendous effect on our emotional
well-being, and I am really passionate about how art can uplift and inspire.Throughout my art I wish to give
people a reason to make a pause and look for the feeling of wellness. That’s why most of my works display
a preference for the blue colour to evoke feelings of calmness and spirituality as well as serenity.It brings a
great pleasure and confidence to see people enjoying my art. And I feel fulfilled in my lifestyle change.