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In 1990, a Mauritian artist was born… Vinella Soobrayen has been been raised in Vacoas and the fact that she has been exposed to beautiful sceneries of her tropical island since her childhood, developed in her a real passion for landscape painting and Arts.

Vinella’s main specialization is landscape acrylic painting. Her favourite artist and main influence is Leonid Afremov for whom she has a great admiration. She also developed a special liking for the work of James Rizzi. Colours essentially inspire Vinella when she paints… Through them she wants her artworks to convey happiness.

The talented young woman participated in an Art exhibition in December 2017 and most recently she was amongst the participants of an Art exhibition for three days in So’Flo mall in June 2018. The time she spent visiting exotic places all around the world, greatly inspired her and she keeps incorporating her travelling influences in her paintings.